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For me, the ripples came at around 2:30, and I really enjoyed the intricacy there. It did hurt my ears a little, it felt a little too raw and clicky.

The beginning piano-like chord made an impression on me. I liked the integration of piano overall :)

LLAAPPSSEE responds:

I'm sorry to have hurt your ears.
We're all built a bit different.
I can see what you mean,
but my brains love it.



Nothing special, but I love this song
very relaxing

LLAAPPSSEE responds:

That fact that you love this song, is special.


This song is really soothing; really helps me focus!

TheBlackbyrd responds:

Thanks for the review. I appreciate it.

okay...uh huh...

climagasm at 0:52
for that you get a 10 (:

SessileNomad responds:

sweet, thanks

I love this...

I've been listening to this for an hour now.. and i never get tired of it.
i truly love this piece, it inspires my imagination

LLAAPPSSEE responds:

That's great to hear. I'm glad you like it that much. This was a pretty awesome piece for me back when I first did it. It's great that it has the effect to make you keep it on repeat. I personally try for that, or at least, hope for it. There are so many tracks that I love and listen to, over and over. Even whole albums that I've played (and nothing else) for months straight.

There are some things I wish I would've changed in this track (mainly some technical eq and mastering stuff to give it a better sound) I've been wanting to remix / redo this track for a long while. Perhaps some day.

i'm not sure why, but..

my temple area is pulsing uncontrollably.
this has never happened before.
at first i thought it was the massive bass but i took off my headphones and realized it was really my veins going haywire
thanks man, really a death-defying experience, loved it :D

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Whatta what, your veins pulsed? I am overwhelmed with these reviews!!!

epic pro

love it,
really honest hard work, i seriously love the variations with different timbre

DavidOrr responds:

Glad you enjoyed it :)

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