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Artfully, wonderfully done. I loved the lighting effects, the realistic shadows, and the painted style of the backgrounds. The bass guitar / guitar themed music was a great choice for this short.

I felt both the struggle and success with the cat, emotions I rarely feel for animated characters. Great job.


people say you need to work on voice acting
i say you need to start with a new mic, or borrow a friend's.
apart from that, there's tons of voice actors on ng looking for flash animators
GOOD JOB ON THE ANIMATION, work on putting in lip sync
your humor is fantastic!


body language worked very well

gusana responds:


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Wish I could re-place pieces. Other than that, fun little puzzle!

storytelling at its finest

wonderful method of storytelling. completing the puzzles gives me immense satisfaction, unlike some puzzle games.

no audio?

i'm pretty sure there's supposed to be audio... but i don't hear any. You could have at least put in something for walking.

i would have liked to see the ability to move diagonally. it should be fairly simple to implement

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For me, the ripples came at around 2:30, and I really enjoyed the intricacy there. It did hurt my ears a little, it felt a little too raw and clicky.

The beginning piano-like chord made an impression on me. I liked the integration of piano overall :)

LLAAPPSSEE responds:

I'm sorry to have hurt your ears.
We're all built a bit different.
I can see what you mean,
but my brains love it.


well done

i especially liked the progression from a feeling of mystery to intrigue and adventure.

the vocals really helped with the mystical feeling.


the dynamics and variations are AWESOME
however i'm a little jarred by the MIDI flute in the beginning
great song, nicely played.

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Yay, you got so many views and votes! Great job on this one, I especially like the surreal colors.

Every time I look at this, I see this differently. Great drawing.

If you sold this I'd buy it! However, making more would detract from the uniquity of this as a piece of art, so I recommend you keep it as a family heirloom or something :)

This looked hard to make

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