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Entry #10

Changing obsessions

2012-08-04 16:01:36 by dleaf60

I find myself changing obsessions about every few months or so.

These past weeks I found myself really obsessed with web design, and by now I've learned a bunch of random tidbits about web design languages, web application building, and some details about back-end development, but nothing really solid that could constitute a foundation for website building.

I like to draw. I'd really like to animate. I want to make games (I have substantial training in Java, which combined with LWJGL, properly equips me with the technical capacity to create a game) I want to achieve something, but I feel like I can't without giving up another of my interests. I suppose I'm still relatively young, so I feel it's okay that I'm not making huge progress here. But I'm floundering in limbo. Eventually, I need to dedicate myself to something, and at least make myself adequate at it.

So here's my bucket list, as it were, of skillsets that I hope to gain in the future:
Web design
Game design
Drawing (esp. digital art)

So it goes on.


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